Forever Harlem: Celebrating America’s Most Diverse Community
Lloyd A. Williams and Voza W. Rivers

Loyd A. Williams is an Executive Editor of Forever Harlem and the President and CEO of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and the Chairman and Co-Founder of HARLEM WEEK Inc. He is the President of the Greater Harlem Housing Development Corporation, and a member of executive boards of several organizations, including New York City Tourism + Conventions and The City College of New York. He is a lifetime member of the NAACP and the National Action Network. Williams has been recognized by City and State NY Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential New Yorkers, by New York Amsterdam News as one of the top 25 most influential Black New Yorkers, and by New York Christian Times as one of the most influential Black Professionals.

Voza Rivers is an Executive Editor of Forever Harlem, the current Vice President of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and Cofounder, Vice Chairman and Executive Producer of HARLEM WEEK Inc., which began in 1974 as a one-day cultural tribute to Harlem that has evolved over the past 47 years to become an 11-day tribute and celebration of Harlem’s economic and political history. Rivers is also the Executive Producer and a founding member of New Heritage Theatre Group, which was established in 1964. Rivers also serves as Chairman and Cofounder of the Harlem Arts Alliance, a cultural arts service membership organization with 350 members.