harlem week

We are excited to present HARLEM WEEK 2023 as a reimagined hybrid festival with VIRTUAL & LIVE events.

Harlem is a State of Mind and whether you are here physically or anywhere around the world you can experience the magic of Harlem and this year’s HARLEM WEEK festival. Since the first HARLEM DAY, 49 years ago our mission has been to embrace, inform, and educate, and also give hope and direction to Harlem and the Harlems of the world. Guided by that mission as we emerge from a year of unprecedented challenges HARLEM WEEK 2023 looks to uplift, direct and encourage you with a series of events built around our theme, “INSPIRATION, IMPACT, LEGACY”

Please join us!




HARLEM WEEK is an annual celebration of the best of Harlem which works to promote its rich African-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, and European history, as well as arts, culture, religion, business, entertainment, and sports. HARLEM WEEK began in 1974 as HARLEM DAY, a one-day event of encouragement and fellowship in Harlem for New Yorkers and beyond. Given the huge success of the celebration, additional days were added to showcase the community’s rich economic, political, and cultural history.