Liquid Heat | La Rumba Llama

HAVANA comes to HARLEM in public art project Liquid Heat| La Rumba Llama


An international public art project that brings together photography, dance and education to celebrate Afro-Cuban Rumba, returns to Harlem with an eclectic new program.

Liquid Heat | La Rumba Llama by artist Jessica Angel is a photography installation and international education program celebrating the rhythms of Cuba, and will take place at Harlem Hospital Mural Pavilion from Monday, August 05, 2019 to Friday September 23, 2019 as part of HARLEM WEEK. Angel has worked with renowned Afro-Cuban dancers and the Pogolotti community, a Havana neighborhood famous for its Rumba, to create a series of vibrant life-sized photographs that capture the energy and passion of Rumba. Photographs are accompanied by a custom soundtrack including a reading by Alden Knight of one of Afro-Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén’s poems set to Rumba percussion.

Jessica Angel celebrates the power of Afro-Cuban Rumba and the sense of community that it brings, and this is what we believe public art is all about. The cultural and historical connection between Harlem and Havana is celebrated and honored through initiatives such as these.
— Voza Rivers (Executive Producer, HARLEM WEEK)