This year we are celebrating our 42nd Anniversary. We invite you to partner with HARLEM WEEK 2016 to sell, market and promote your business to the world at the Northeast’s “Biggest & Best” International Family Festival. We welcome the participation of:  small businesses, major corporations, health agencies, career and placement companies, educational service providers and federal, state, regional and city government agencies, to share your business during HARLEM WEEK. Contact us at (877) 427-5364 for more information.

Vendor/Exhibitor Dates

Vendors & Exhibitors have the option of participating at four HARLEM WEEK festival dates:


There are four categories for HARLEM WEEK Vendors:

  • Community/Cultural/Civic/Schools – Civic groups. Community Exhibitors may not sell any items or products.  Community groups selling food, art, craft, toys, etc. must register as general.  Your 501(c)(3) tax letter must be submitted with registration.
  • General – Vendors selling non-food items such as clothing, books, videos, handcrafts, art, etc.
  • Food & Music** – Vendors selling Food and Beverages or Music must contact Dejon Bunn at vend@harlemweek.com or call (877) 427-5364. Spaces are limited and selected by the HARLEM WEEK Exhibitor Committee. For more information visit: http://harlemweek.com/vendors/food/
  • Small Business/ Corporate Exhibit** – Are you looking to promote your business or services? Please contact  Mr. Causey at vend@harlemweek.com or call (877) 427-5364 for more information on how to set up a Corporate Exhibit at HARLEM WEEK.


To register as a Vendor/Exhibitor:

  • STEP 1 – Complete the Vendor Registration Form and review the Vendor Agreement:  Vendor Registration.
  • STEP 2 – Submit vendor/exhibitor payment (see pay chart below):  Vendor Payment.


All Food and Music Vendors are required to first contact Dejon Bunn, HARLEM WEEK Vendor/Exhibitor Liaison, at vend@harlemweek.com.  Registration will not be accepted online. For more information please visit click here.

Additional Information

Contact vend@HARLEMWEEK.com with any questions.

General Vendors: Permits and Licenses

In preparing for the HARLEM WEEK Festival all General Vendors are required to obtain:

1) A Current New York State Sales Tax Card, otherwise known as a New York State Certificate of Authority. For further information visit The New York License Center  or call NYS DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION & FINANCE (518) 485-2889.

2) A Street Fair Vending Permit NYC Department of Consumer Affairs – New York Licensing Center at 42 Broadway, 5th floor, New York, NY 10004 (212) 487-4104 in order to obtain your Street Fair Vending License. Please note that you need to bring photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license) and your N.Y. State Sales Card. Applications must be submitted in person; no applications will be accepted by mail. For more information you should visit: WWW.NYC.GOV/consumers.

3) *Certificate of Fitness G-23 *Only for Vendors using a generator or propane. HARLEM WEEK, Inc. firmly adheres to The New York City Fire Department regulations therefore all HARLEM WEEK vendors must indicate at the time of registration their intent to use propane, charcoal, helium or a generator. For more information Contact the FDNY at (718) 999-2472.

Please note that registration fees do not include tables, chairs or tents. You may contact us for an equipment rental referral. Prime Locations are allocated to vendors purchasing space for more than one day.  Registrations will be honored strictly based on space availability at the time your application and payment are received. 


Step 1: Vendor Registration >